"Battle Angel" Katarina 1.1

Battle Angel Katarina 1.1

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9.24.10 Edit: For some reason the management tool is refusing to update properly. I'm trying this a 3rd time and hopefully it will result in a full package of skin and loading screen. Thanks to those who pointed out it was missing and sorry it took this long to notice!

Ok, this version has been cleaned up considerably. No more of those nasty looking white lines from trying to save transparencies in Photoshop. This one was saved in Paint.net and looks a lot better. With that out of the way, I also went ahead and got rid of all the other unnecessary items on her outfit, giving her a much more accurate original Battle Angel Alita look. I also completely retextured the cyber parts of her arms and knees and they're aligned properly. If you downloaded the first version, you'll definitely want to replace it with this one. Keeping the same LoadScreen file.

Thanks a bunch to all for the support! Please rate it up if you like it (and especially if you download it) !

Enjoy !

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