[Sen & KradisZ] Caitlyn, Starcraft Ghost

[Sen  KradisZ] Caitlyn, Starcraft Ghost

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This was requested a few times so i decided to quickly do it.

Original Skin can be found here.

Design & Concept - Blizzard Entertainment
Ashe Version & Model - KradisZ
Rework on Textures, Loadscreen, Icons & Animation Change - Sen
Loadscreen Image - OXM Magazine Cover

-> Animation Change to fit in Cait
-> New Loadscreen + Icons (I hate the standard one :s)
-> Smoothed textures (U will see why i did this. No more "pointed" shadows)

Current Bugs:
Passive (Headshot) Buff Position - Caused by the model. I dont think i can fix it. :s
Q Skill doesnt have the Range Indicator - Same then Raven Cait, i try fix it.
Ulti doesnt have Animation - Going to fix this with Ashe's Animations. (She only got one Spell Ani :/)

-> Finished Skin Info.
-> Update Package with right Folder structure (Characters/Caitlyn/Files)
-> Alt textures Folder included with 4 Textures to switch on at all. (Like the original)
-> Add't InGame Pics (92% Quality to get it under 150kbit. It looks a bit better InGame)

If this gets 1k Downloads like my other Cait i will change particles to fit
the more futuristic style too i think. o:


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