[DW] Vibrant Earthrune Skarner

[DW] Vibrant Earthrune Skarner

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Just a recolor of Earthrune Skarner that's more 'vibrant' than the base colors that it's given. I have some custom particles in this (though they are kinda big files), but I don't know whether or not it's necessary. I just felt like making it..! :x! ENJOY~

Of course, if you want to install over the base, just unzip the Skarner.skn, Skarner.skl, Skarner_Base_TX_CM.dds, and the skarner_exoskeleton_base.dds files.

If you want to install over the Earthrune skin, just unzip the Skarner_Rune_TX_CM.dds and skarner_exoskeleton_base.dds files.

*PS: .. I'd love to have someone model the skin for me with it's particle lovelyness and take screenshots for me!

** UPDATE **
- Moar screenshots!
- Removed the particles from download. They are still a work in progress. v.v

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