White Knight Poppy

White Knight Poppy

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As per a request on a forum, I started work on a Paladin Poppy.
Someone else beat me to the punch for publishing, but hopefully that won't deter others from giving mine a fair chance.

White armor, and gold trim are a basic staple of paladin to me.
I decided to make her those main colors when I first stumbled upon the request.
I also decided that she should look more human, thus the skin tone and hair change.

I also thought "What better symbol than a cross for a paladin?"
So I modified the shield to have a cross across it for extra holiness and even gave it some equally badass slight flames by its side.

I've included particles for her, however i excluded the damage glow, as its fine as red and yellow, and the ultimate as it was already golden/yellow.

For ease of use place all files from the Poppy folder into;
Riot Games/League of Legends/game/DATA/Characters/Poppy

and all files from the Particles folder into;
Riot Games/League of Legends/game/DATA/Particles

Questions or Criticisms?
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Submitted by Veigun

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