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Champion: Lee Sin, The Blind Monk
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Dark Pool Party Lee Sin

Hello everyone! I'd like to upload my first custom made skin. It's a recolor for the Pool Party lee sin skin. To i...

ratoox - 5,882 views
Blue Silver Lee Sin (for base)

A cooler skin for base Lee Sin :) I replaced bronze tings by silver and red things by blue ... enjoy :)

DarknAce - 3,990 views - Updated: 8 months, 1 week ago
Gokusin +Particulas de lee sin k.o 100 ezreal no f

Nueva skin particulas de lee ko... izi josue

elputo123 - 7,158 views
Goku Super Saiyen Blue on Lee sin Original skin from King-Nyan (Thank to him) This is the version of ...

SBSakura - 6,597 views - Updated: 8 months, 3 weeks ago
Jonathan Joestar All Star / Lee Sin

Is Jonathan Joestar with the suit of the game Jojo All Star batlle . I changed the effects . (REPLACES THE CLASSIC SKIN)

Felie Dantas - 3,687 views

Because every one needs a beautiful kit to chase the pokemons ! :D Enjoy that skin made for all ash fans (not ashe). ...

Zwave - 7,302 views
Hatsune Miku as Lee Sin

New model New particles (greenish) New loading screen card New HUD icons In game icons Made by: kixm

LbLoL - 3,944 views
Kenshiro 1986 movie / Lee Sin

Is Kenshiro with the costume based in the animated movie of 1986 . ( REPLACES THE CLASSIC SKIN).

Felie Dantas - 2,945 views
Kenshiro Stallone / Lee Sin

Is Kenshiro of Hokuto no Ken in a visual based on Stallone Cobra movie . ( REPLACES CLASSIC SKIN)

Felie Dantas - 3,871 views - Updated: 10 months ago
Tekken 5 : Steve Fox / Lee Sin

Is Steve Fox , a character of the game Tekken . I puted the animations of knockout Lee Sin in Dragon fist model. (REP...

Felie Dantas - 3,699 views

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