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Champion: Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time
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Ekko The Time of Sand(For Classic)

Hello!! Every one!! enjoy mine skins. I'm Korean!!!

YasuoMontage - 4,627 views - Updated: 10 months, 1 week ago
Hell Magma Ekko

Hey Hello!!1 Every enjoy mine skins I'm korean

YasuoMontage - 5,461 views
Diamond Ekko(Light of Time)[For Sandstorm]

Hello enjoy mine skins!!

YasuoMontage - 4,287 views
Emerald Ekko(For Sandstorm)

Hello!! Mine skins Emerald Ekko!! I'm korean

YasuoMontage - 3,190 views - Updated: 10 months, 1 week ago
Fire Ekko(For Classic)[Particles Changed]

Hello every one~!!!!! I'm YasuoMontage enjoy mine skins I'm korean

YasuoMontage - 4,206 views - Updated: 10 months ago
Ekko Christmas (Ekko xmas)

Base skin of Ekko as Ekko Christmas ( in advance) Spotlight => Follow me on my ch...

SBSakura - 3,288 views
Red Lotus Ekko

Hey Guys new working skin get it at wait 5 second click skip ad and get your skin...

Savvas919 - 8,533 views
Ekko Order Of The Lotus/Ekko Orden Del Loto

Hola esta es mi primera skin de Ekko me costo mucho espero que les guste!! :D Hi this is my first skin Ekko cost me ...

MA.Animated6 - 3,609 views
Candyland Ekko

Another skin for Ekko XDD now i done it :D sorry for too much deleting but... you know..

Etsukko - 4,620 views
Ekko the Element of Magic

Hi everybody, today im here to show you a twilight ekko skin why i do that? because twilight sparkle has go back ...

Etsukko - 6,317 views

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